The place where M. Bulgakov purchased the magazine Rossiya in which part of the novel The White Guard was published

On the corner of Petrovka and Kuznetsky Most
Subway station «Kuznetskiy most»
Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel, The White Guard was partially published in editions of the magazine Rossiya (No. 4, December 1924 and No. 5, April 1925). The sixth edition was never released – the publishing of the magazine was suspended and its publisher, I. Lezhnev, was exiled from the USSR. For successive years, Bulgakov fought for his novel, trying the regain the rights to it. The attempts turned out to be unsuccessful – the novel no longer belonged to the writer. Mikhail Bulgakov also could not manage to get the novel published in Russia.
On 28th December 1924, Bulgakov wrote in his diary, ‘And there I was, walking along Kuzentsky Most, as I have dozens of times over the recent winter days, popping into various shops. I needed to buy this and that. I bought the obligatory bottle of white wine, of course, and half a bottle of Russian vodka, but for some unknown reason I bought tea. I happened to see the fourth edition of Rossiya at the newspaper stand on Kuznetsky Most. The first part of my The White Guard was in there – that is, not the first part, but the first third. I could not hold back and at the second newspaper stand on the corner of Petrovka and Kuznetsky Most, I bought the edition. Sometimes the novel seems weak to me and sometimes strong. I can’t make sense of my feelings anymore.’