Mikhail and Elena Bulgakov’s flat

3 Nashchokinsky Lane
The first writers’ cooperative building in Moscow unfortunately no longer stands. V. Ardov, I. Ilf and E. Petrov, O. Mandelstam, V. Shklovsky and others lived here. Bulgakov, E. Bulgakova and his stepson Sergey moved into their own flat on Nashchokinsky Lane (at those times – Furmanov Street) in 1934. Here, in flat 44, The Master and Margarita, Theatrical Novel, Batum, and other works were written.
On Nashchokinsky Lane, the Bulgakovs lived in a three-room flat with a big dining room, a children’s room and a bedroom (which doubled up as an office). The flat needed renovation and there was a constant flow of workers and painters, finishing things off and refurbishing, but Bulgakov was very pleased with the move anyway. In a letter to V. Veresaev of 6th March 1934, her wrote, ‘It’s a wonderful house, I swear! Writers live above and below and behind and in front and to the side. I pray to God that this house stands firm. I’m happy I cleared out of that hovel on Pirogovskaya. What a blessing it is to travel on the tram no more! Vikenty Vikentevich! It’s true, it’s a bit cold, something is wrong with the lavatory and water flows from the cistern, and there’ll probably be some more problems, but I’m happy anyway. May the house keep standing!’ Bulgakov lived here for the rest of his life. The house was demolished in 1974.