Newspaper «Pravda»

48 Tverskaya Street
One of the oldest, Russian newspapers - the first edition appeared in 1912. In February 1922, Bulgakov’s report The Emigrant Clothes Factory was published in the newspaper – the writer’s first publication in Moscow.
Regardless of the fact that Professor Preobrazhensky of Heart of a Dog strongly recommended not to read Soviet newspapers, especially Pravda, it is in newspapers that Bulgakov began to have pieces published and in 1922, in Pravda itself. At an OGPU interrogation in autumn, 1926, the writer described the beginning of his career in Moscow, ‘On my arrival in Moscow, I found work at the literary department of the Chief Committee for Political Education as a secretary. At the same time, I began reporting for the Moscow press, particularly in Pravda’. Bulgakov’s feature piece The Emigrant Clothes Factory was not Bulgakov’s only piece in the publication’s pages. On 28th October 1922, the advertisement about the ‘Dictionary of Russian Writers’ was reprinted in Pravda (previously, it was published on 12th October in Izvestia, see page 55).