The bench on which Berlioz and Bezdomny could have spoken

Patriarch’s Ponds
Subway station «Mayakovskaya»
The bench on which Woland, Berlioz and Bezdomny had a conversation in the novel was probably located at the beginning of the path running along Malaya Bronnaya – roughly opposite house 32.
‘There, by the very exit onto Bronnaya, the same citizen who, in the sunlight, had earlier formed himself out of the thick heat stood to greet the editor.’ In The Master and Margarita, benches are places where the characters meet with dark powers on more than one occasion. Azazello sat next to Margarita in the Alexandrovsky Garden. During his conversation with Woland, the buffet manager Sokov fell from a bench. Nikolay Ivanovich shared this fate, falling from the bench by Margarita’s house after the ‘conversation’ with his witch neighbor. The on-duty agent who was smoking on a bench in the stairwell of house 302-bis was scared by Margarita and Azazello. A ‘low bench’ figured in Woland’s transformed room… In the epilogue, benches located by Patriarch’s Ponds and by Margarita’s house are mentioned again.