Bryansky (Kievsky) Station

1 Kievsky Station Square
Subway station «Kievskaya»
The building of the Bryansky (nowadays - Kievsky) Station was built in 1914-1918 by the architects Ivan Rerberg, Vladimir Shukhov and others. In late September 1921, Mikail Bulgakov arrived in Moscow under the famous dome of the Bryansk Station with the intention of becoming a writer and settling here forever.
In the partly autobiographical Notes on the Cuffs (1922-1923), Bulgakov described his first impressions: ‘Bottomless darkness. Clanging. Rumbling. The wheels were still turning but ever more quietly. And they stopped. The end. The real end of all ends. There is nowhere else to go. It’s Moscow. M-o-s-c-o-w. For a second, my attention was drawn by the long powerful sound coming from the darkness. It thunders through my mind: — C'est la lu-u-tte fina-a-le! ...L'Internationa-a-ale!! And then – just as hoarsely and frightfully: With the Internationale! In the darkness – the row of rail cars. The student carriage went silent… Finally deciding, I jumped down. Some soft body slipped out from underneath me with a groan. Then, the train gained traction and set off somewhere even deeper. My God, can it be possible that there’s actually an abyss beneath our feet?.. Grey bodies hauling monstrous loads up onto their shoulders, began to flow and flow…’ Bryansky Station repeatedly appears in Bulgakov’s stories and essays.