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Margarita’s houses

In the novel The Master and Margarita, Bulgakov accurately depicts 1920s-1930s Moscow with all her side streets, squares, houses and gardens. Even now, after dozens of years, it is possible to take the book in one’s hands and walk around practically all of the significant places in the novel. However, a number of important addresses have remained a mystery to this day. One of these is the house that inspired the house in which Margarita lived before meeting the Master – it has still not been found. In the novel, ‘Margarita Nikolaevna and her husband occupied the entire upper floor of a beautiful house in a garden on one of the lanes near Arbat’. We also know that it was a gothic house. It seems simple – follow the free and independent Margarita’s movements and spot the right house. However, it turns out that in that very lane there is and never was a gothic house. In our route guide, we have gathered all the possible addresses, which could have served as the basis for the house in the novel: the Military house in which E.S. Shilovskaya lived with her husband; Solovyev’s house five minutes’ walk from Elena Sergeevna’s house; K.F. Lazarev’s block of flats not far from Mikhail Bulgakov’s final flat; and others. You can walk around each of them and choose the one which you think is the most likely to have been Margarita’s.
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